School Health Advisory Committee

A School Health Advisory Committee is a state-mandated advisory council appointed by the school board. Members are approved by the school board for a one year term. The committee consists of parents, community members, students, and school staff working together to improve the health of all students and families through coordinated school health programs.

Why do we need a School Health Advisory Council?

  1. It is Texas law.

  2. Healthy children learn better.

  3. Schools play an important role in teaching healthy habits.

  4. Healthy homes and healthy schools support healthy children.

What is included in a coordinated school health program (CSHP)?

The components of a coordinated school health program include:

  • Family and community involvement

  • Nutrition services

  • Physical education

  • Health education

  • Counseling, psychological and social services

  • Health services

  • Healthy school environment

  • Health promotion for school staff

Student health and wellness policies adopted by the PTISD Board of Directors are found in FFA (LEGAL) and FFA (LOCAL) with reviews and recommendations from the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).

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