Nutrition FAQs

How does the Computerized Cafeteria Account system work?

The system works just like a checking account. Deposits are made to the student’s individual account and purchases are deducted from the balance. Each student is issued a personal identification number (PIN) containing 5 digits.  During meal time students in the 3rd-12th grade enter their ID number on a keypad, which accesses their account. The student’s name and balance are displayed on the cashier’s screen and the purchases are deducted from the account balance. Students in the PK-2nd grade have ID badges or a roster per home room at the cashier’s station. The cashier scans their card or number and the purchase is deducted from their account.

How are deposits made to a student’s account?

For parents to deposit funds into a student’s account: The Cafeteria Manager collects deposits in the morning before school starts in the Cafeteria.  Cash may also be placed on the student’s account during the lunch period by the student or parent. 

How do students know their balance?

Students may also check their balance by typing in the PIN or scanning their badge at any cash register station.

Is charging allowed? 

No charging will be allowed for Snack items or second meals.

 What happens to the money in my child’s account at the end of the school year or if my child transfers to another PTISD school? 

Money left in an account at the end of the school year will be available for that student’s use in the next school year at any school within the district.  If a student should move during the school year, the parent can go to the student’s school and a refund will be made.

Why are snack items offered at lunch? 

The Snack Bar is an alternative meal offered to the students.  Snacks may also be purchased in graded 1st -12th.  If parents want restrictions placed on their child’s purchases, they can contact the Director of Child Nutrition, or Cafeteria Manager and have the student’s account restricted.

Where can I find information concerning school parties or other policy guidelines?

Please refer to the new Texas Department of Agriculture policies and information at external link in new window)

How can I find out what my child is eating at school?

To obtain this information:
Request a print-out from your Director of Child Nutrition, or Cafeteria Manager.

What is Pine Tree ISD doing to provide nutritious meals to students?

- All plate lunch meals are analyzed and provide 1/3 RDA for calories, protein, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron.
- All plate lunch meals contain less than 30% calories from fat and less than 10% of calories for
- Fruits served are fresh or canned in light syrup.
- Low fat 2% white and 1% chocolate and strawberry milk are offered at all schools.  

- The Student Nutrition Department participates in the Texas Farm to School Program which brings fresh picked Texas produce to schools.

Where can I read more information?