Health & Wellness

In an effort to educate the whole person, Pine Tree ISD actively works to educate students about a range of health-related issues. 
From exercise and weight, to nutrition and disease prevention, you will see regular dissemination of information and topical discussions about health and wellness. By facilitating learning through the support and promotion of good nutrition and physical activity, schools contribute to the basic health status of children.


In order to attend school, students must show they're in compliance with Texas State and local Immunization Requirements.

A copy of the student's current immunization record must be on file, at school. Under Texas law, any child who attends school or a day-care center must show documentation or communicate about childhood vaccinations before being admitted.
Meningitis Information for Students and Parents 

Health Care Programs

All health-care programs are designed to meet the following goals:

1. Reducing student absenteeism;
2. Increasing a student’s ability to meet the student’s academic potential; and
3. Stabilizing the physical well-being of a student.

Wellness Guidelines