About Our Schools

Pine Tree ISD's eight school campuses feature interesting architecture, educational technology, and well-maintained grounds. As beacons of knowledge in our community of Longview, Texas, our schools and administrative facilities house more than 4,600 students and 700 employees.

School Structure

Primary School: PreK & Kindergarten
Birch Elementary: 1 - 4
Parkway Elementary: 1- 4
Middle School: 5- 6
Junior High: 7 - 8
High School: 9 - 12
ExCEL: 9-12

Each of the eight campuses at Pine Tree ISD provide students with a unique learning environment that is safe and productive. Our ExCEL Campus will assist and support students with necessary services and skills to complete all requirements for an official Texas high school diploma.

Safety & Security

Pine Tree ISD provides a comprehensive Safety & Security Program designed to provide students, staff and visitors with facilities that meet or exceed standards in fire safety, air quality, hazardous materials management, chemical safety and building safety. A visitor identification system in every school is just one of the safety features our schools implement.

Construction & Renovation

Periodically, bond elections are called by our board of trustees to present taxpayers with proposals to fund the construction of new schools, renovate existing schools and equip schools with the most up-to-date technology. Pine Tree ISD's construction update site provides details of current bond projects in the form of a current quarterly report. Our community has passed several bond elections which include major renovations and capital improvements.

Facility Services

The Facility Services Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all district buildings and grounds.
For more information about the construction and/or maintenance of our school facilities, contact the Executive Director of Facility Services and Technology Todd Yohn, Pine Tree ISD Facility Services, 704 Birch Street, PO Box 5878, Longview, TX 75608 (903) 295-5106.