School Closure Plan

The following information is provided to help parents understand how the district determines whether or not to hold school on bad weather days and the notification procedures that are in place.  Please note that student and staff safety is our first priority.  The decision to cancel school is a very important one and is made only after thorough consideration.  Assume that school will open as usual.

Check with one of the following sources to obtain accurate information:

Notification of Students and Parents

The Pine Tree ISD Communications Department will notify parents and students of school closures and other weather related information using the following communication tools: 

Local News Media:  Pine Tree ISD will make information available to local television and radio stations and will enlist their assistance in communicating with their audiences.

Pine Tree ISD website(opens in a new window):  District emergency messages and updates will be posted in real time on the Pine Tree ISD home page.

Social Media:  Facebook and Twitter(opens external link in new window):  Messages will be posted immediately to Pine Tree ISD's Facebook and Twitter pages.