Why Us

A Tradition of Excellence - 2nd Oldest School District in Texas

71 Teachers with Masters Degrees

341 Certified Teachers

Highest local optional homestead exemption in Longview






Beacon Winner


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Dr. Cleo Wadley

WHY PTISD? I get the opportunity to make the world a better place through our children.

- Dr. Cleo Wadley, High School Principal

Caci Brinkley

WHY PTISD? At Pine Tree, it is not just about the education students receive Monday through Friday, August through May. We invest in our students and are determined to help mold them into successful members of our community who value themselves and one another.

- Caci Brinkley, ExCEL Principal

Lisa Sawyer

WHY PTISD? Pine Tree does things a little different. Educating children is our duty but, teaching our children how to make good decisions, be responsible, be respectful then go out into the community and teach those same values and principles to others is our passion.

- Lisa Sawyer, Junior High Principal

Mickey White

WHY PTISD? There is no other place I have ever been that truly puts the people ahead of the work.

- Mickey White, Middle School Principal

Melanie Keoun

WHY PTISD? At Pine Tree ISD, we get to work together to change the lives of our students every day. We know that we are equipped, together, to do amazing things and create special experiences for our students, teachers, staff and community.

- Melanie Keoun, Parkway Elementary Principal

S Adams

WHY PTISD? Pine Tree ISD has been my chosen passion place since January 2006. Pine Tree ISD has provided me innumerable opportunities to develop into an intentional servant-leader and to complete my life purpose.

- Dr. Shalonda Adams, PACE & ABU Principal

R Walker

WHY PTISD? At PTISD, we believe that building strong relationships with our families is key to our students' success. We believe making connections beyond the classroom will help our littlest pirates grow their academic skills and Pirate Pride.

- Dr. Ruthie Walker, Primary Principal