Why Us

A Tradition of Excellence - 2nd Oldest School District in Texas

The Pine Tree ISD was established in 1847, less than two years after Texas became the nation's 28th state, and James K. Polk was president. Growth was slow but stable, with agriculture being the primary source of income through the turn of the century. The oil boom in 1931 brought thousands of people to East Texas and caused rapid growth for Pine Tree Schools. Since that time, the district's reputation for quality education has attracted steady enrollment. The district’s Core Values are Intentional, Consistent, Reverence, Resolute and Relationships.

Local Optional Homestead Exemption

The Pine Tree Independent School District has the highest local optional homestead exemption in Longview.

Fine Arts Program

The Fine Arts Department of PTISD proudly presents performing and visual arts. Students who attend Pine Tree ISD are afforded many opportunities to explore and refine their talents in the areas of visual arts, band, choir, dance, and theatre. The fine arts groups at Pine Tree have a continued tradition of high achievement in UIL activities and have received top awards across the State of Texas. Pine Tree High School is a two time Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) District of Distinction.

Professional and Certified Staff

Pine Tree ISD has a professional and qualified staff. PTISD has 310 certified teachers and 115 of these teachers have Masters degrees.


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Caleb Epnett

WHY PTISD? In a world of uncertainty, we help blaze pathways to bright futures through hard work and strong character. On any given campus, on any given day, you will see more than students and teachers, you will see a devoted and confident community walking hand in hand and heart to heart toward better tomorrows. New dawns are possible at Pine Tree.

- Caleb Epnett, 2024-2025 Teacher of the Year

Misti Scaggs

WHY PTISD? Offering students a wide array of opportunities to explore so many different content areas gives students the opportunity to find out what best suits them for future career opportunities. Pine Tree ISD has developed a community of learning that takes the whole child into consideration and allows staff to cultivate lessons geared towards the learning needs of each student.

- Misti Scaggs, 2024-2025 Teacher of the Year

Terri Davis

WHY PTISD? Pine Tree is not an institution. It is a flourishing, educational community where students and educators benefit from the freedom to question, discover, and create. In our school, education is styled to fit students and not the other way around .Pine Tree encourages students to test their limits and embrace learning through their own challenges and success.

- Terri Davis, 2024-2025 Teacher of the Year