Bond Projects

Re-Development with Pine Tree ISD

Written by Kimberly Fish

Pine Tree ISD’s two bond elections (2004 for $45 million and 2006 for $7 million) not only renovated schools, it built new ones. One of the oldest school district in the area, Pine Tree faced a growing need to update aging buildings and to meet the growing and diverse needs their district had to expand and in some cases relocate their campuses.

Through careful planning and decision making, the district built a new Primary school (pre-K and Kindergarten,) a new Middle School (grades 5 and 6) and pursued major upgrades at the Elementary, Intermediate, Junior High, and High School which included adding a new two-story wing and a brand new Multi-Purpose Facility.

With the expansions and new campuses the ground work was laid for wireless networking, improved technology and State-of-the-Art science labs that will greatly enhance academic excellence. With additional funds from the bond, renovations were made to the oldest building which served as the original High School campus and most recently as the Seventh grade campus.

The remodeled facility is now home to the ISD Administration office complex, Tax Office and Discipline Alternative Campus. Neighbors in the north corner of Pine Tree appreciate how the district has re utilized historical structures and invested in the development of the Pine Tree area.

The City of Longview has cooperated with the necessary expansions and has been a good partner to Pine Tree ISD by instigating improvements to the infrastructure through road improvement projects along Silver Falls Road and Loop 281. Working alongside the Lear Park sports complex has benefited Pine Tree Middle School students, because more times than not carpools can make a pit stop at the new Whataburger and Sonic Restaurants that have gone in across the street from the school and sports parks. What’s a better way to end the school day than with a drive-through snack?