About ExCEL

The ExCEL High School of Choice is committed to providing our students with an exceptional educational experience. We utilize three main avenues listed below to meet the academic, social, and behavioral needs of our diverse student population.

Fully-online Alternative Learning Environment

The ExCEL High School of Choice (EHSC) is a non-traditional academic high school designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population. We have 70 work stations to serve grade 10th-12th students who work best in an alternative learning style utilizing computer-aided instruction.  EHSC students graduate with an accredited Texas high school diploma and be able to continue on with any post high school education they wish. All EHSC students take courses in college and career readiness to help them prepare for their future.  

Blended-learning Environment

The ExCEL High School of Choice boasts a blended-learning instructional environment that provides our ELITE (Exceptional Learners In Training Everyday) students a combination of hands-on and computer-aided instruction. Our ELITE  program assists our 9th grade students in gaining an academic, social, and behavioral edge while getting acclimated to the responsibilities of the high school setting. E.L.I.T.E students complete credit requirements in Algebra 1, English 1, World Geography, IPC, Health, and Speech as well as take the required state of Texas assessments in Algebra 1 and English 1. Students in this program may transfer to Pine Tree High School  (PTHS) at start the 10th grade year if all course and testing requirements have been met.

Cross-Entity Course Enrollment

The purpose of Cross Entity Course Enrollment (CECE) is to allow ExCEL High School of Choice or ELITE students to be enrolled into a single class section at Pine Tree High School. This only applies to courses “not offered” at EHSC such as but not limited to U.I.L  (sports, band, choir, etc), clubs and organizations. The lead PTHS counselor and the EHSC principal will determine student eligibility based on available classroom space.

Who Should Apply?

Traditional public school is not for everyone. The ExCEL High School of Choice (EHSC) is an excellent alternative to the traditional public school setting. EHSC is designed to give students a chance to excel when the traditional high school classroom is not quite the right fit. There are many reasons why parents and students may consider an non-traditional school. Working teens, young parents and students who do not fit in socially may benefit from our learning environment and teaching style. Likewise, we encourage gifted and talented students to apply as well if the online learning environment better fits your academic needs. EHSC is available for any high school student of Pine Tree ISD who:

  • is behind in academic credits

  • is comfortable with learning online

  • require individual attention

  • experience social difficulties in the school setting

  • is a primary wage earner

  • is pregnant or parenting

  • has dropped out or plans to drop out of school

  • has a special talent or interest not offered in public school

  • has limited or no attendance issues

  • has limited or no discipline issues

Phone:  903-295-6753

Physical Address: 
1005 W. Fairmont Drive, 
Longview, Texas 75604 

Mailing Address: 
PO Box 5878 
Longview, Texas 75608