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Mission Statement

The mission of the PACE Campus is to provide intentional support to all students in an individual and holistic manner while strengthening areas of academic and personal self-discipline.



PACE  serves two primary purposes in serving PTISD students with a conduct code violation: 1) to provide an alternative education setting for student’s academic progression and 2) to strengthen student personal self-discipline and life skills education during the assignment.

The students will be provided the appropriate individual supports necessary to access curriculum to promote, maintain and enable progression in academic studies. The PACE instructors will be an integral liaison to the student’s home campus to ensure that academic growth is a priority for all.

Student self-discipline is a mandatory requirement for a DAEP based on the Texas Education Code Chapter 37. The Pine Tree PACE Campus will be intentional in providing programs and supports to strengthen students in identified areas of need. These programs will be provided by campus staff and various community organizations.

The intentional focus of the Pine Tree PACE. Campus is to provide a safe and nurturing environment while  building holistically “STRONG.” students. Student progress in academics and self-discipline are the intended outcomes of this campus as we continue to set the PACE.

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