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PINE TREE PACE Alternative Campus

Pine Tree Independent School District's Pirate Alternative to Continuing Education


 DAEP Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement


 Students assigned to PACE have not adhered to the Student Code of Conduct and are removed from their home campus for a placement of 30 days or more depending on the infraction, the seriousness of the offense, and other mitigating factors.

The PACE Disciplinary Alternative Education Placement (DAEP) Campus serves students from 1st to 12th grade. Grades 1st through 6th are served in the elementary program. Grades 7th through 12th are served in the secondary program. The campus operates with 7 teachers and support staff along with a campus administrator. Counselor services are provided by the home campus counselors.
The students will be provided the appropriate individual supports necessary to access curriculum to promote, maintain, and enable progression in academic studies. The PACE instructors will be an integral liaison to the student’s home campus to ensure that academic growth is a priority for all.

Student self-discipline is a mandatory requirement for a DAEP based on the Texas Education Code Chapter 37. The Pine Tree PACE Campus will be intentional in providing programs and support in character building to strengthen students in identified areas of need. These programs will be provided by campus staff and various community organizations.



 ABU Adaptive Behavior Unit



The intentional focus of the Pine Tree PACE Campus is to provide a safe and nurturing environment while  building holistically “STRONG” students. Student progress in academics and self-discipline are the intended outcomes of this campus as we continue to set the PACE.

Teachers and administrators at the PACE Campus hold the same credentials as their associates throughout the Pine Tree ISD.  They work diligently to provide high-quality instruction common to the district while encouraging students to adopt attitudes and behaviors that will help them improve and succeed when they return to their home campus.