Name E-Mail Subject
Bankston, Bryan [email protected] SRO
Bledsoe, Clarice [email protected] 8th Science
Bonner, Kristal [email protected] ESL
Boswell, Meagan [email protected] Art
Braumiller, Carol [email protected] Aide
Brown, Anneka [email protected] 8th Language Arts
Browning, Brooke [email protected] 7th Language Arts
Bush, Shelia [email protected] ISS Instructor
Cary, Christy [email protected] Life Skills Aide
Chadwick, Alyson [email protected] Health Science
Charlson, Betty [email protected] 8th Language Arts
Childs, Doug [email protected] 7th Assistant Principal
Cook, Kenna [email protected] 8th Science
Cronk, Jared [email protected] Band/Color Guard
Dalston, Amanda [email protected] Robotics
Dugger, Cody [email protected] 8th U.S. History
Eastin, Wanda [email protected] 7th Math
Elia, Amanda [email protected] 7th Language Arts
Eppley, Johanna [email protected] Choir
Felsenthal, Daniel [email protected] 8th U.S. History
Gaona, Leidi [email protected] Content Mastery Aide
Goodman, Rachel [email protected] Athletics
Goodman, Nicole [email protected] 7th Science
Gray, Hunter [email protected] Athletics
Gravley, Cindy [email protected] Nurse
Griffin, Zach [email protected] Boys PE
Griffith, Jerry [email protected] 7th Texas History
Hamilton, Jerri [email protected] Dyslexia
House, Jessi [email protected] 7th/8th Drama
Jones, Falyn [email protected] 8th Math
Kirchhoff, Sherri [email protected] Principal's Secretary
Kinford, Kathy [email protected] 7th Language Arts
Loanzon, Leslie [email protected] Band
MacBeath, Luke [email protected] 8th Associate Principal
Maniscalco, Sarah [email protected] 7th Math
McBroom, Brady [email protected] 7th Reading
McGowan, Francetta [email protected] Librarian/UIL Coordinator
Methvin, Garrett [email protected] Boys Athletics/PE
Miche, Megan [email protected] 7th/8th Math
Milligan-Burrison, Kayla [email protected] 8th U.S. History
Mitchell, Jennifer [email protected] 8th Math/Algebra I
Mojarro, Felicia [email protected] 8th Language Arts
Nelson, Linda [email protected] STEM
O'Keefe, Misti [email protected] 8th Counselor
Ogle, Valerie [email protected] 7th Counselor
Randall, Michelle [email protected] UIL Math/Science
Rhodes, Lisa [email protected] Aide
Robertson, Jeremiah [email protected] 7th Texas History/Athletics
Rodriguez, Marcos [email protected] 7th/8th Spanish
Rockwell, Steven [email protected] Parent Liaison
Sawyer, Lisa [email protected] Principal
Simmons, Jared [email protected] 7th Texas History
Simpkins, Lynda [email protected] Content Mastery
Smith, Kaleigh [email protected] 7th/8th Reading Specialist
Snapp, Kimberly [email protected] 8th Science
Snoddy, Meisha [email protected] Life Skills
Southerlin, Blaine [email protected] 7th Science
Stagner, Vickie [email protected] Attendance Clerk
Stribble, Gwynda [email protected] Counselors Secretary
Survia, Renee [email protected] Life Skills Aide
Terry, Travis [email protected] 8th Science
Walker, Jerrick [email protected] 7th Texas History
Watkins, Kylie [email protected] 8th Math
Watson, Laycen [email protected] Pre-Dance
White, Stacie [email protected] 7th/8th Language Arts
Whittington, Mitchell [email protected] Security Desk
Williams, Dasia [email protected] 7th Language Arts
Williams, Jeannie [email protected] Aide
Williams, Sharon [email protected] 8th Math
Wingo, Heather [email protected] 7th Math
Wright, Steve [email protected] Behavior Intervention
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