Online Resources for Parents

Pine Tree ISD is committed to the safety of our students. This includes the physical and emotional safety as well as online safety. In today's society students are exposed to everything the internet has to offer at a very young age. With this in mind, National Online Safety developed one-page informational pages for parents that deal wit some of the most popular sites, games, apps and social media avenues. Please take a moment to review the pages below as we work together to keep the students of PTISD safe.

Digital Citizenship


Digital Citizenship is the idea of being a good citizen online and being a good citizen  off-line with the way you use technology. Our students live in two worlds - the physical  world and the online world. Supporting their growth in both is essential to helping them  deal with the advantages and disadvantages of being constantly connected.

With a lot of information in the media, we have focused resources in the following  areas:


Self-Image and Identity

  • Understand the similarities and differences in how they present themselves online and offline;
  • reflecton how the Internet allows for anonymity and deception, and explore how this can affect their behavior online;
  • and consider the motivations, benefits, or possible harm to oneself and others when assuming an online identity that'sdifferent from one's real self.


Relationships and Communication

  • Recognizethat different audiences require different types of communication and online etiquette;
  • develop constructive solutions to online interpersonal dilemmas that exemplify ethical behavior;
  • and imagine the motivations, feelings, and intentions ofothers as they relate to a variety of online exchanges.


Cyberbulling and Digital Drama

With students interactions happening more online than they do in person, it is easy to imagine the culture that is shaped with little to no supervision and guidance from an adult. Appropriately defining terms that areoften used around cyberbullying is a large part that parents and students can play when addressing online issues offline.