CEER Academy Web Header
    • Launched 2020

    • Starting grades 1st - 8th

    • UIL participation required

    • Applications available in the campus office and online

    • Limited number of students accepted

    • To create an academic pathway for high-achieving students that exposes them to the concepts of communications, engineering, entrepreneurship, and robotics

    • To provide engaging, experiential learning opportunities for highly motivated students

    • To help students connect learning experiences through the integration and application of technology and research    

    • To create new business ideas and concepts for the future 

    • To promote participation in UIL Academics, through competition, collaboration, and camaraderie

    • looks for opportunities to learn new things;

    • enjoys creating new projects that are out of the box;

    • enjoys motivating others;

    • likes working on a problem until they’ve reached a solution/resolution;

    • enjoys working with their hands;

    • likes convincing other people to see things your way;

    • participates in extracurricular activities in or outside of the school setting.

    • Attend CEER Orientation

    • Participation in UIL Academics Competitions (2-8 grade)

    • Good discipline during prior academic year

    • Good attendance

    • Passing STAAR (3-8)

  • English

    Application deadline for the 2022 - 2023 school year is April 29, 2022.

Dr. Valerie Baxter Contact Information