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Building a foundation for every child by 
Furthering the Tradition of Excellence 
Pine Tree Education Foundation will Further the Tradition of Excellence by promoting and funding innovative learning strategies. 

  • PROFILE   
    The Pine Tree ISD Education Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created by concerned community members who wanted to support innovative educational programs that lead to increased student achievement. 

    Donations made to the Pine Tree Education Foundation are tax-deductible and fund projects that fall outside of the scope of the district’s normal operating budget.  

    When teachers have exciting ideas that can expand their students’ imaginations and open their minds to new learning possibilities – they often find themselves without the resources to bring these visions to life. The Education Foundation makes these creative ideas a reality through grants that bring creative education to life. Hundreds of these inspiring projects have become a reality in every campus throughout the entire school district. 

    Motivate and encourage creative and innovative educational programs.
    Recognize Pine Tree ISD current & former students and staff and positively reinforce their educational activities.
    Facilitate opportunities for the community to financially support excellence in education. 

    Professional Development Experiences
    Instruction Equipment, Opportunities, Resources
    Scholarships for College Credit & Certifications
  • We are grateful for the families and community partners who support our efforts by establishing endowments and making donations to invest in the future of our students. There are great things happening in PTISD! Please join us!  
    Thanks to the efforts of the Board members and Donors for the Education Foundation, meaningful learning is taking place outside the classroom walls – as real-life, hands-on activities and programs expand the learning experience while enlightening young minds.

    The Foundation is governed by a board of community citizens.

    Board Members 

    Carol Pope, President
    Iva Holyfield, VP of Programs and Allocations
    Amy Reese, Secretary
    Chapin Miller, Treasurer
    Judy Stiles, Parliamentarian

    Melissa Gonzalez, Education Foundation Director


    Leah Finley

    Donna Pruitt

    Teresa Rau

    Frank Richards, PTISD Board of Trustees Representative

    Raymond Russell

    Cyndy Talley 

    Charmyn Tumey

    The Pine Tree ISD community, established in 1847, has had a long and successful commitment to excellence in education. It is the longest continuously named school district in the state of Texas. 

    When the Education Foundation was created in 2004, it began with a small number of donations and a large amount of dedication. Today, because of generous support from teachers, school district staff, parents and other community donors, enriching projects take place in our classrooms every day. 

    In April 2010, the Pine Tree Alumni Association which had been in operation since 1991, voted to merge with the Pine Tree Education Foundation to form a united organization which supports Pine Tree ISD. The Foundation considers all Pine Tree Alumni as members of our community:  Together we can achieve more.   

    Every year, the community is invited to enjoy a ceremony which honors outstanding graduates of Pine Tree ISD who have distinguished themselves in their professional, community and personal life.  The Distinguished Alumni Award winners bring great pride to Pine Tree.

    The efforts of generous donors have helped make this happen by funding everything from musical instruments, science projects, art supplies and all the necessary tools to make Pine Tree educators’ ambitions a reality.  Please consider making a contribution today. Contributions are tax-deductible. 
Melissa Gonzalez