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PTISD is dedicated to attracting and retaining the highest quality educators and employees. Some benefits to working in the Pine Tree ISD are a competitive salary structure, a support net of mentors for new teachers, a commitment to professional development and training, access to innovative teaching grants through our Education Foundation, and the opportunity to be a Pirate: part of a family that cares about young people and each other. 

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Certified Teachers/Administrators

  • Attach your resume, cover letter, and certification to your application

Non-Certified Teacher/Administrators

  • Attach your resume, cover letter, and acceptance letter from Alternative Certification Program to your application

Out of State Teachers

  • Must have standard out of state certificate
  • Must have paid for review of credentials, one year certificate and fingerprint request

Information for Auxiliary, Operations & Support Positions

  • Attach your resume (if available) to your application

Newly Hired Employees

  • HR will notify you when you have been approved by the board of trustees and schedule an appointment to process new hire paperwork.
  • Fingerprints must be on file with the Texas Department of Public Safety/Educator Clearinghouse.
  • When you report to the PTISD Human Resources Office located at 1701 Pine Tree Road please bring your social security card, driver’s license, and a blank check for automatic deposit of your paycheck.
  • A photo will be taken at this time to create an ID badge.


From time to time, teaching positions posted on the website site may not reflect all available positions. Pine Tree ISD typically posts positions for critical needs and difficult-to-fill areas. For this reason, the Human Resources Department accepts applications throughout the year for all teaching positions.

Apply Online







If you submitted an online application for professional employment in the past year and would like to update your information you may do so by logging into the Job Applicant Center. Your information can be edited online. 

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