Pine Tree Independent School District

Strategic Plan
  • We will create a customized learning environment that ensures a culture of innovation

    • Develop systems to foster an inclusive, collaborative culture
    • Restructure learning frameworks with integrated, inquiry based curriculum that is customized for each student
    • Create flexible learning spaces that extend beyond the walls of the classroom and school building for every student

    We will maximize learning through the use of advanced resources and digital literacy

    • Create a digital environment that engages and empowers all learners
    • Implement a digital literacy framework PK -12

    We will boldly support the social and emotional needs of all students

    • Implement  The CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) model in grades PK-12
    • Establish a character development program for grades PK-12
    • Equip staff to provide social and emotional support to all students

    We will ensure student leadership is an integral part of our learning culture

    • Implement a PK-8 leadership system in each classroom
    • Implement a series of Leadership Classes for students, 9-11, to include student and community mentors
    • Implement a senior level Project-Based Leadership class according to students’ area of interest

    We will recruit, develop, support, and retain the highest quality staff

    • Develop a System of professional relationships in order to increase the pool of applicants for all facets of the organization
    • Implement  a comprehensive mentor/mentee program to acclimate new employees to Pine Tree ISD
    • Strengthen the relationships among all PTISD staff members
    • Improve the PTISD culture of working and learning through recognition and collaboration
  • Ashley Howard Cunningham-Longview regional Medical Center

    Melanie Roudkovksi LeTourneau University

    Eric Skoog Eastman (Retired)/Parent

    David Blazek LETU/Community Member

    Andy Burnfield Parent and PTA

    Bridgit Booty Parent

    Steve Pirtle City Council/Business

    Terry Booker Kilgore College

    Ed Moore City Council/Business

    Matthew Henry LeTourneau University (Technology)

    Joyce Sibley Parent and Custodian in PTISD

    Nate Hewitt Parent

    Eneatra Anderson Parent

    Karen Morris Teacher MS, former HeadMaster

    Rachelle Tesser Parent, PTA, Supt’s Communication Committee

    PTISD Technology

    Lynn Thiessen Teacher - Birch Elementary

    Shalonda Adams Parent, Partners in Prevention, Principal

    Caitlin Rutledge Technology/CTE Teacher

    Jody Berryhill Athletic Director

    Ruthie Walker Assist Principal (Primary)

    Mickey White Principal (Middle School)

    Valerie Ogle Counselor (Junior High)
    Cindy Gabehart Principal (PTHS)

    Dr. Lisa Mullins ELAR/Writing/Social Students Coordinator

    Dr. Baxter Assist Supt for HR/Student Services

    Dr. Kerri Daugbjerg Board Member/Parent

    Jim Cerrato Board Member

    Dr. Farler Superintendent

    Lilianna Lynn Martinez HS Student (Ms. Gabehart)

    Eric Hill JH Student (Ms. Robinson)

    Dr. Hill Assist Supt for Curriculum and Instruction

    Tony Hollins Assistant Supt of Facility Services

    Vanessa Robinson Principal (Jr. High)

    Mark Melton Director of Fine Arts

    Corey Thomas PTHS Student

    Callie Lightfoot PTHS Student

    Gary Wiley PTHS Student

    Carly Garcia PTHS Student

    Caroline Curfman PTHS Student

      • To pursue life-long learning
      • To solve problems
      • To think critically and creatively
      • To set and achieve goals
      • Demonstrating integrity and personal responsibility
      • Demonstrating a positive work ethic
      • Demonstrating community and global responsibility
      • Demonstrating Financial Literacy
      • Demonstrating Digital Literacy
      • Demonstrating a healthy lifestyle and self worth
      • In verbal communication
      • In non-verbal communication
      • In written communication
      • Who understand designated roles and responsibilities
      • Who acknowledge equal importance of members
      • Who appreciate the cultural and linguistic diversity of others and respect different viewpoints
      • Who build positive interpersonal relationships and motivate others


  • Scheduled Times and Events