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  • “When do I have time to volunteer,” you ask yourself. “I am too busy being a parent!” Volunteering is important for all of us. Volunteering at your child’s campus may be one of the most important, life-altering things you can ever do for your child. Why you ask? Because it sends a very clear message to them (and other students) that you’re devoting your most precious commodity — yourself — to something that’s important to you — their education. It shows them you support them and their teachers and lets them know that what they do matters to you.
  • We’re talking about our teachers and staff… the very teachers and staff who nurture your child everyday throughout the school year. We need your helping hands and smiling faces on our campuses to help lighten the load for our staff giving them more time in the classroom. We appreciate your time and talents in Pine Tree ISD schools.
  • The number one reason people don’t volunteer is because no one asked them. Well, we are asking for you to be involved! Your time and knowledge is needed and wanted by our staff and students. The diversity of our community and the experiences you can share with our students is valuable to us. Whether it’s a little time or a lot of time – on campus or at home – mom, dad or grandparent – WE NEED YOU! We could not do it without each of you!

    • After School Clubs
    • Book Fairs
    • Car Duty
    • Contribute to Backpack Food Program
    • Donate School Supplies
    • Genius Hour
    • Guest speaker
    • Judge student projects
    • Library helper
    • Math or reading tutor
    • Mock UIL Practice
    • Music/Art Performances
    • PTA/PTO (PK – Jr. High)
    • Special projects – Robotics, Engineering
    • Staff Appreciation Committee
    • Vision/ Hearing Screening
    • Watch D.O.G.
  • No, a Raptor sticker will be printed when the volunteer checks-in to the school and must be worn at all times while on campus. 
  • No, all current PTISD employees will automatically be uploaded in the Raptor Volunteer Module as approved volunteers. New district employees will be uploaded monthly.

  • Volunteers who do not have an email address may enter a cell phone number if their provider supports SMS messaging, or ask for assistance at the school office to complete the application.

    List of SMS messaging addresses to use with most providers

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