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What is Community U? Community U offers a unique opportunity to learn about the Pine Tree Independent School District.  Through monthly meetings, participants learn about the Districts infrastructure, programs, services and understand the challenges and opportunities of public education. Whether you are a community member, parent, new to the district or just want to know more about Pine Tree ISD, this eight session program will give you the inside look into the district. Community U is a hands-on opportunity to become an informed member of the Pine Tree ISD community. 

Program RequirementsThe program meets once a month from October through May from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Participants will meet with administrators and school board members covering a variety of topics from curriculum, nutrition, budgets, personnel and much more. Most importantly you will have the opportunity to interact with the leaders and decision makers of Pine Tree ISD. Sessions will also provide interaction with students and teachers, tours of district facilities, and opportunities to see firsthand how the district works.  Members of the Pine Tree ISD Community U class will learn about all aspects of public education. 

Apply for Community U

Community U is accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year. Attendance for sessions is not required but highly encouraged. Participants are rewarded with a wealth of knowledge and a greater understanding of our district.  
For more information contact Melissa Gonzalez at 903-295-5021 or [email protected]

Andy Burnfield

"I am an advocate for Community U because of my experience going through the program a few years ago. When my daughter was in first grade I had heard so many opinions on everything from STAAR testing to school lunches and I was looking for a way to be more informed. Community U is a way to learn what it takes to run a Texas public school district. Because of the experience I have a greater understanding of what it takes for our district to be successful. In large part because of what I experienced through Community U, I now serve as Pine Tree PTA President and was recently elected to Texas PTA Board of Directors as a Director At Large. The goal of serving is to advocate for all our children both on a local level and in Austin."


Andy Burnfield, Class of 2017

Courtney Armstrong

"I loved being a part of Community U. I enjoyed learning all of the inner workings of the district and all that they are doing to continue the standard of excellence we expect in Pine Tree. Proud to be Pirates." 


Courtney Armstrong, Class of 2017

Teresa Rau

“I participated in Community U to learn in-depth information about the District where my son would spend his school years. I wanted to know the ins and outs of the District, understand how and why decisions are made, and learn about the various ways to be involved.” 


Teresa Rau, Class of 2015

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