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The mission of Pine Tree ISD Payroll is to provide accurate and timely compensation to employees in a manner that is cost efficient to the District. Pine Tree ISD Payroll takes pride in serving district employees with fairness, honesty and professionalism. Pine Tree ISD Payroll is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service and to supporting the District's efforts to achieve its mission.


If an employees has any questions concerning their paycheck, please email [email protected]

Employees can review their payroll information,including paychecks, by going to Skyward Employee Access.  If you are unfamiliar with Skyward Employee Access, please review the instructions below.

  • The District publishes a payroll calendar in a manner that is easily obtainable by all employees. The schedule is posted on the District’s website, and printed in the employee handbook.

    All PTISD employees are paid once a month on or around the 25th of the month. Their annual salary is divided by twelve months and paid in equal installments. 

  • Employees are paid in accordance with administrative guidelines and an established pay structure. The district’s pay plans are reviewed by the administration each year and adjusted as needed. All district positions are classified as Exempt or Non-Exempt according to federal law.

    Pine Tree ISD full-time employees are paid annualized salaries and all district positions are classified as Salaried Exempt or Non-Exempt. Professional employees and academic administrators are generally classified as Salaried Exempt and are paid for specific number of days at a daily rate which is annualized monthly. They are not entitled to overtime compensation. 

    Support staff and paraprofessionals are generally classified as Non-Exempt.  Non-Exempt employees  are paid an hourly rate for a specific number of hours each day, and a specific number of days which is then annualized monthly. Non-Exempt employees  receive compensatory time or overtime pay for each hour worked beyond 40 in a workweek. Their annual salary is divided by the number of months remaining in the payroll calendar and paid in equal installments.   If a Non-Exempt employee works less than the agreed upon hours each day, and or less number of days specified in the assigned calendar, Pine Tree ISD is only required to pay the employee for the actual hours and days  worked.   Hours worked outside of the calendar assigned, and/or hours missed from the calendar assigned will be processed according to the pay schedule approved by the Board of Trustees.


    TRS WEBSITE             (***CLICK HERE***)

    Mailing Address

    Teacher Retirement System of Texas
    1000 Red River Street
    Austin, Texas 78701-2698

    Street Address

    TRS Headquarters

    1000 Red River Street

    Austin, Texas 78701

    Member Services
    Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m.

    Automated information available day or night, seven days a week

    Link to TRS forms:



  • The Texas Labor Code, Section 61.016, specifies that the District may choose the form of payment to its employees.

    The three choices prescribed by law are:

    1. Cash payment in U.S. currency

    2. Written, negotiable instrument in U.S. denominations (check), or

    3. Electronic transfer of funds.

    In order to conserve District funds and improve productivity, the electronic transfer of funds (Direct Deposit) has been determined to be the most efficient system of paying employees. Direct payroll deposit is required for all employees paid through the District payroll system. Up to two Direct Deposits can be made to any checking or savings account as long as an account number and an ABA routing number are available. Signing up for Direct Deposit is quick and easy. The direct deposit form is available below.

    Direct Deposit changes received by the district will be pre-noted the first payroll after receipt.  Your direct deposit account change will not go into effect until the 2nd payroll after the district receives the change form.  If your current direct deposit account of record is closed, please notify the district and a hard check will be provided to you during the pre-noting payroll.  
  • Required Payroll Deductions
    Full-time employees of the District do not contribute to the social security system. Instead, they
    participate in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, a state, local and member funded program. Each
    employee has 7.7% of their gross pay withheld before taxes and contributed to the system on a pre-tax
    basis. Additionally, the state of Texas contributes an equal amount up to the statutory minimum salary
    amount for each employee. The District makes a contribution on behalf of members in qualified positions
    for the difference between the state and employee contribution. Also, each employee makes a
    contribution to the TRS CARE health insurance program of .65% of gross pay.
    All school district employees are required to have some amount of federal tax withheld from their check
    and remitted to the federal government. The amount deducted from an employee’s check depends on
    how many exemptions and the filing status claimed by the employee. The IRS form W-4 is the document
    used by each employee to document his or her filing status (single, married, married but withhold at the
    higher single rate) and number of exemptions claimed. Employees fill out this form during the new hire
    process but may change their exemptions by completing a new Form W-4 and forwarding it to the Payroll
    All employees who were hired after March 31, 1986 are required to pay 1.45% of the gross pay to the
    federal government for Medicare.
    Child support payments are processed by payroll only when properly received from a county Child
    Support Office, from the Child Support Services division of the Attorney General’s Office or from an
    appropriate court of jurisdiction. It is the employee’s responsibility to file a change of employment request
    with the State Child Support Office.
    Tax levies from the Internal Revenue Service or payment orders from the Texas Guaranteed Student
    Loan Fund for repayment of student loans are also processed by payroll, and are mandated employee
    deductions when properly received by the District.
  • Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

    I want to retire what do I do?
    Contact the Texas Teacher Retirement System and request a retirement packet, there will be forms for
    you to complete and forms for the payroll department to complete for you.

    How do I resign?
    Turn in your resignation to your Supervisor. Your resignation will be forwarded to the Human Resources

    When will I receive my final pay check and when will benefits end?

    If you are working to the end of your calendar:
    ? 10- Month employee’s final check is August; Insurance ends August 31st
    ? 11- Month employee’s final check is July; Insurance ends July 31st
    ? 12- Month employee’s final check is June; Insurance ends June 30th

    If you resign before the end of your employee service calendar before the 20th of the month your final
    check will be the same month as your resignation date. Insurance benefits will end the last day of the
    month in which you resign.

    Will you have a change of Address?

    Please complete a change of address and forward it to the Human Resources Department.

    If I retire, when is my retirement date?
    Your retirement date should be the last day of the month in which you work for a school district.

    What does payroll need?
    Please send to Payroll office:
    TRS 7 form: Notice of Final Deposit                                                                                                                                       please send original form NOT photocopy. Photocopies cannot be processed by TRS and this will delay processing your retirement.)                                       

    Include your resignation date from PTISD ( this is the SAME DATE given to TRS)



    TRS 7 forms CANNOT be filled out until all Payroll Processes are completed for the month of final pay.

    Please be aware, TRS Retirement Processing can take up to 60 days after it has been received into their system.  The district processes forms for TRS after all payroll processes, including supplemental payroll correction runs, are completed for the month.  Pine Tree ISD Payroll processes forms and then mails the forms to TRS individually.  The district cannot contact TRS about pensions for employees. Please make all pension inquiries directly to TRS.