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Career / Co- Curricular Facilities
Pine Tree Students
  • Remodel and upgrade the existing home economics classroom to serve the Culinary Arts Program at the high school.    (Estimated cost $604,850)
Pine Tree Students
  • Remodel the classrooms in the 600 hall at the high school for the growing Career and Technology classes at the high school which includes Media Technology.  (Estimated cost $272,183)
Pine Tree Students
  • Provide HS Theater renovations:  lighting, sound, ADA upgrades and interior/foyer upgrades.  (Estimated cost $920,582)
Pine Tree Students
  • Provide improved area for drill team and locker rooms at the high school.  (Estimated cost $152,059)
What has been discussed for the Career Technology and Media Technology classes?
PTISD Coordinator for Career and Technology explained to the Citizens Advisory Committee and School Board that program enrollment has grown at Pine Tree High School and adapting the program to the current space has revealed a number of issues. Suggestions presented are best described as a gut and remodel that would provide optimal teaching layout, power, data that is better integrated for the classroom, and the need for an additional instructional space.
What is included in the remodel of the existing Home Economics Classroom?
As part of the district’s ongoing desire to remain competitive in its course offerings, the concept of a culinary arts program is under consideration. The program would offer instruction in commercial food preparation, food handling and business aspects of the restaurant industry. The physical accommodations would include a full-service commercial kitchen. The scope of work would include a gut and remodel of the existing spaces which were built in 1968.
Which aspects of the High School Theatre are under consideration?
The scope of the work for the theater includes lighting renovations, sound equipment renovations, ADA upgrades and an interior finishing. 

Lighting Renovations:
 The scope of the work for this project includes the installation of a modern stage lighting system.  Many of the existing light fixtures will be retained but a new fully addressable lighting controller will be installed as a key piece of this project.

Sound Equipment Renovations:
 The scope of the work for this project includes the installation of all new sound equipment in the theater.  This would include speakers, mixers and amplifiers.

ADA Renovations:  This project includes reworking the parking spaces, curb ramps, sidewalks, restrooms and door hardware to comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Modifications to the seating to bring compliance will also be included.

Interior Finish Renovations:
 This project includes replacing floor finishes, painting the walls and ceilings and repairing the audio/video booth of the theater.