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Pine Tree
Athletic Facilities
• Build a new  Athletic Sports Complex / Stadium  - to include: field house, seating for about 6,400, press box, track and field surfaces and concessions, and land acquisition. The actual construction budget for the new stadium, track venue, and game day field house is $17.4 million.   The total amount of $20,379,304 includes the new athletic sports complex/stadium as well as costs for new turf at the current stadium, and demolition of the bleachers (home side) at the current stadium on Pine Tree Road.   This amount also includes the construction fees including the general contractor, permit fees, etc.   (Estimated cost  $20,379,304 )

• Build a new field house for tennis / softball and girls soccer .  (Estimated cost $1,299,218 )

• Add parking spaces near fields for softball, tennis, baseball .  (Estimated cost $160,878 )

• Improve Swimming Pool facility with the addition of a cover to provide for year-round access to the pool. (Estimated cost $181,455 )

• Expand the football practice fields to accommodate 2 additional fields.  (Estimated cost $362,910 )

• Resurface existing practice track (Estimated cost $145,164 )

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Where would the new stadium be built?
The new stadium location is proposed for the PT Parkway Property near the existing Pine Tree Middle School and Intermediate School complex off Loop 281.  A map showing the exact location may be viewed HERE.
What activities are usually scheduled at an athletic complex/stadium?
The athletic complex would be designed to serve students and the community in a variety of ways which could include:

·         Football games, camps, league games

·         Soccer games, tournaments & camps

·         Track and field meets and clinics (UIL regulation)

·         Field Days for PK-6th grade

·         Community wide guest speakers

·         Homecoming activities

·         Marching band competitions

·         Special Olympics

·         Graduation

·         Alumni events

·         Cheer and Drill Team competitions

·         Health and wellness fair

·         Awareness walks - i.e. "Relay for Life"

·         Concerts and community events 

What will the district do with the existing stadium?
The track and field will be preserved as a community space open to the public; the field may serve as an optional practice field for school and community teams. Standard stadium structures will be demolished, but the historical significance will be preserved.  Since the existing turf on the current field has reached warranty, it will be replaced with funds from the bond.
Is the cost of the land included in the bond package?
Yes. The district owns a portion of the land, but plans to purchase additional 36.2 acres which is estimated to cost $935,000. A complete breakdown of all costs for the athletic complex is located on the web page.
What type of scoreboard is proposed?
A scoreboard is included in conceptual pricing, but details are not available at present.
Is there a drawing, design or photo of the athletic complex that I can see?
A preliminary design that accounts for an approximately 6,400-seat stadium, competition track and changing facility for players is available.  CLICK HERE for a drawing provided by civil engineer Robert Maly of Maly and Associates is on the district web page.
How does the proposed stadium seating compare to other school districts in the area?
The proposed stadium for Pine Tree ISD would have an estimated 6,376 seats. In comparison with other schools in our district:
Hallsville – 8,300;
Tyler – 11,500;
Marshall – 9,580;
Jacksonville – 7,000;
Kilgore – 7,300;
Nacogdoches – 8,000;
Whitehouse – 7,000;
Carthage – 6,000;
Spring Hill – 5,844;
Gilmer – 6,150;
Longview – 9,212.

The current Pine Tree stadium holds approximately 5,500. Several events, including homecoming and graduation, find the current capacity inadequate. Other schools host revenue-producing events at their stadium for which Pine Tree is not considered due to lack of seating capacity.
How many parking spaces are included?
The number of parking spaces to be provided at an athletic complex site will be based on development requirements of the City of Longview. Available information indicates a requirement of one parking space for every three seats. Therefore, with a conceptual seating capacity of 6,376, the required number of parking spaces would be 2,125. However, the number of seats dedicated to students participating in the band and dance programs could be deducted. Therefore, the proposal assumes a reduction of 500 seats and a total number of parking spaces of 1,959.
What kind of playing surface is planned?
Field construction assumes the provision of a field turf (artificial grass) playing surface with a complete field drainage system.
Is a Regulation Track included in the proposal of the Athletic Complex?
Yes. A majority of the citizen’s advisory committee agreed that it is important that the District be able to hold regional and regulation High School track meets. It was the opinion of several members that the facility be comparable in its track and field event offerings to Meyer’s Field at UT Austin. Some on the committee argued that the installation of such amenities would make the PTISD Athletic Complex an attraction for multi-state regional meets.
What would the concession facilities include at the Athletic complex?
Expectations for concession services by the Citizens Advisory Committee included an overwhelming majority in favor of a concession service operated by student organizations (to include nacho, hot dogs, popcorn, candy and drinks.) The cost assumes areas for warming items and residential appliances only (i.e. refrigerators, small freezers, microwave ovens.)
Would the Field House replace the facilities at the high school campus?
The field house will serve only as a game-day facility. The space would include: locker rooms for home and visitors, gang restrooms, team showers, shower drying area, taping room, officials changing room, coaches’ office, conference/galley, and equipment storage.
What is included in the plan for the press box?
A single-level press box configuration was selected in an effort to balance anticipated cost with desired function An elevator is required to provide access to the press box area because of ADA rules. The space would include: conference room / galley, announcer room, scouting room, newspaper press, visitors coaches box, scorekeeper room, television/radio room, storage, and restrooms.
Why build a new stadium instead of renovating the existing stadium?
Renovation cost of $13,000,000 can be compared to new construction cost of $20,045,304. The construction industry’s rule of thumb when deciding whether to renovate or build new is: when the cost to renovate exceeds 50 % of new construction, new construction is recommended.

The term “renovation” must be defined to answer this question. Scotty Lewis, Program Manager for LAN- Lockwood, Andrews & Newman, Inc., reports: The approximate cost to renovate the existing stadium in its current location would be approximately $13 million. Renovation according to LAN would include the replacement of the playing surface and track, new home side bleachers, a new pre-fabricated press box, new concession building, new restrooms, new ticket booths, renovate the existing field house, clean and repair the stadium structure, site accessibility, and required parking. The cost of this work is equivalent to approximately 65% of the cost of a new facility at a different site. When the cost to renovate exceeds 50 % of new construction, new construction is recommended. The existing stadium structure is approximately 50 years old and is not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or current codes and ordinances. These factors as well as the disruption of student activities were factors in the decision to construct a new facility at another site.
Was the idea of sharing a stadium with other school districts discussed?
Yes, the superintendent discussed sharing a stadium with the other two school districts, but it was not a workable solution.
What upgrades are planned for the swimming pool?
A removable cover would be added to the existing pool that will provide for students to use the swimming pool year round. Currently there is no diving program, so the addition of the cover will provide for the diving program to return.