Board Responsibilities

  • Hire and evaluate the superintendent
  • Approve the district’s budget
  • Establish goals and evaluate outcomes
  • Adopt and evaluate policies
  • Levy and collect taxes, and issue bonds
  • Order elections, canvass returns, declare results, and issue certificates of election as required by law
  • Adhere to guidelines and policies mandated by the Texas Education Agency and the U.S. Department of Education
  • Communicate with the community, including the public recognition of student and teacher accomplishments.

Board Member Training

Not only are students and teachers engaged in the learning process, board members also have the opportunity to gain knowledge about school business. The Texas Education Agency, as mandated by House Bill 72 passed in 1984, requires School Board members to participate in annual, state-accredited training. In addition to orientation on the basic responsibilities of School Boards, the trainings include details on school finance, curriculum and legislation.

Board Member Conduct/Procedures/Ethics