Katy Rue

Katy Rue 

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Office: PTHS Counseling Center
Phone: 903-295-5031 ext 227
[email protected]  

My name is Katy Rue and I am happy to be entering my 6th year as the PTHS freshman counselor!  I am a 2000 graduate of Pine Tree.  I completed my Bachelor's degree in 2004 at Texas A&M University, then came home to teach at PTJH.  I taught math at the junior high for six years.  I received my Master's degree in school counseling in 2012 from UT Tyler and have been here at PTHS ever since then. 

Family is very important to me!  I have been married to my husband, Charlie, for 13 years.  We have an 8 year old son named Morgan.  I also love spending time with my sisters, parents, in-laws and numerous neices and nephews.  We like to play games, play baseball, swim, fish and eat meals together.

My hope as a school counselor is to support students in becoming the best they can be at whatever they want to be!

  • 1) Do I need textbooks?

    The short answer: maybe; ask your teachers. The longer answer: Every class will be different. Some classes will have digital textbooks on your iPad. Some teachers will have a class set of textbooks in their room. Some teachers may issue you a textbook to keep at home. 

    2) Do I need a locker?

    Most students do not use lockers because of the size of our campus. If you would like a locker, though, they are available.

    3) How do I know which lunch I have?

    Look on your schedule next to your 4th and 5th period classes. There will be an A, B or C next to them. Fourth period tells you the lunch you have on A-day and fifth period tells you the lunch you have on B-day.

    4) How does the schedule work? What is A-day/B-day?

    Some classes meet daily for 50 minutes, while others meet every other day for 1 1/2 hours. Every day you will show up to first period at 8:30. After that, on A-days, you would go to 2nd and then 4th periods. If it was a B-day, you would go to 3rd and then 5th periods. Every afternoon you will go to 6th, 7th and 8th periods.

    5) How do I get involved in a club or organization?

    Check out the PTHS website for a list of all clubs and organizations available. Email or stop by the classroom of the contact person for any club you're interested in for more information. What are the requirements to get into the club? When is the first meeting?

    6) What is this zero period at the top of my schedule?

    It's not another class!  It should say PE somewhere in that line.  This allows us to give you a PE credit for pre-drill, band or other non-PE classes that give you PE credit.  You can ignore that zero period!

    7) How many credits do I need to move on to 10th grade?  How many credits do I need to graduate?

    You need 5 classes to be promoted to 10th grade and 26 credits to graduate.  (1 class passed for the year = 1 credit) If you only get the minimum of 5 credits each year to be promoted, you will not graduate on time.

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