Out-of-District Student Transfers
Pine Tree ISD accepts transfer applications to allow students who live in another district to attend Pine Tree schools. Transfer requests will be subject to available space. Transfer approvals are valid for the school year. A new application must be submitted each school year. There are currently no transfer fees.


1. Parent/guardian may request an Out of District Transfer Application in one of the following ways:

• Print an application from our website at www.ptisd.org

• Pick up an application at the Pine Tree ISD Administration building located at 1701 Pine Tree Road, Longview TX.

2. Pine Tree ISD does not accept Out of district applications for Prekindergarten students. 

3. Parent/guardian must provide appropriate documentation with application including the student’s: (Do not include immunizations or birth certificate)

• End of year report card

• Attendance report

• Discipline Report

• State Assessment scores (STAAR)

4. Transfer applications may be submitted to the Office of the Superintendent in person at the Pine Tree Administration building at 1701 Pine Tree Road, by email to [email protected], or by mail:

Pine Tree ISD

Attn: Superintendent

PO Box 5878

Longview, TX 75608

5. Parent/guardian will be notified by USPS mail as soon as the application has been processed and a decision has been made regarding approval or denial. 


Parent/guardian is responsible for transportation to and from school. Bus privileges are not available, including in-district addresses.


All rules regarding student eligibility for UIL competitions will be followed. Approval of an Out of District transfer does not verify UIL eligibility. Students who participate in UIL athletics must verify eligibility through the District Athletic Director.

Revoking Transfer

Transfer students must follow all Pine Tree ISD rules and regulations, including but not limited to District policies and regulations, the Student Code of Conduct, and attendance requirements. Transfer students may have their enrollment revoked if the student does not adhere to all policies and regulations based on poor attendance, excessive tardiness, or inappropriate student behavior.
Please reference School Board Policy FDA(local) regarding specific guidelines for student transfers. For further inquiries, please contact the superintendent’s office at 903-295-5000.