Tiffany Caldemeyer

Tiffany Caldemeyer

Class Schedule

1st Period-  Conference - 8:20-9:05
2nd Period- Planning - 9:15-10:00
3rd Period- Conference - 10:05-10:55
4th Period- English II - 11:00-11:50
5th Period- English II - 12:20-1:20
6th Period- English II - 1:25-2:10
7th Period- English II - 2:15-3:00
8th Period- English II - 3:05-3:50

Tutorials 7:45-8:20 or 3:50-4:15

Tiffany Caldemeyer
English II
[email protected]

English II assignment schedule:

NoRedInk (writing)-
-Parts of Speech 1
-Parts of Speech 2
-Parts of Speech 3
-Sentences and Fragments
*Take the Unit Diagnostic 1st. If you PASS, you DO NOT have to do the PRACTICE and QUIZ. If you DO NOT PASS, you MUST complete the PRACTICE and QUIZ for that topic.
*All of these assignments are available and due April 10th. (reading)
Week 1- Jobs That Help Others
Week 2- Creative or Artistic Jobs
Week 3- Unsolved Mysteries
*These stories will be available one at a time starting Friday the 20th and open until the following Friday. For example, "Creative or Artistic Jobs" opened Friday the 27th and is due Friday the 3rd.
*The site allows you to submit assignments late. Similar to NoRedInk, there is no penalty for turning in assignments late. ALL assignments are due Friday the 10th. I am trying to help you to not procrastinate. 
*Please use complete sentences in your answers.

I miss you ALL greatly! Please contact me if you have any questions at [email protected], googleclassroom, or @classwithcaldemeyer.

GoogleClassroom codes:
2nd period- c62clgm
3rd period- m3mx322
4th period- o5beq4d
5th period- mveb6gt
6th period- vuf3v74
7th period- nv7yggc
8th period- wxmknk5
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