Suzanne Puryear

1st Period - English
2nd Period - Electives with Students
3rd Period -  Science
4th Period - Social Studies
5th Period - Science
6th Period - Conference
7th Period - Vocational and Daily Living
8th Period - Vocational and Reading

Suzanne Puryear

Life Skills/Vocational Teacher


[email protected]

Mrs. Puryear’s Supply List

Zipper Binder Pouch or Pencil Bag

Blue or Black Pens



School size scissors

Glue sticks (pack of 4)

Kleenex (3 boxes)

Quart Baggies

Gallon Baggies

Yellow folder with brads - for Social Studies Class

Blue folder with brads - for English Class

Green folder with brads - for Science Class

Purple folder with brads