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2020-2021 Class Schedule

1st period- Robotics I&II
2nd period- Robotics I&II
3rd period- Video Game Design
4th period- Robotics II/Practicum of STEM 
5th period- Conference
6th period- Digital & Interactive Media
7th period- Digital & Interactive Media
8th period- Video Game Design

A Days
1st period-8:20-910
2nd period-9:20-10:50
4th period-11:00-1:15 (B Lunch 11:35-12:05)
6th period-1:25-2:55
8th period-3:05-3:50

B Days
1st period-8:20-910
3rd period-9:20-10:50
5th period- Conference
7th period-1:25-2:55
8th period-3:05-3:50


Robotics 1&2/Practicum of STEM video
0:00 / 0:00

Game Design video
0:00 / 0:00

Samantha Szydloski
Robotics, Video Game Design, and Digital & Interactive Media
Grade: 9th -12th
903-295-5031 ext. 1163
[email protected]