GT Student Showcase


5th Grade - Bluebonnet Books
Over the course of the fall, 5th grade GT students read four Bluebonnet Book list nominees and created book reviews for each.  Then students cast their ballot for their favorite book.  The votes taken from these students will be combined with other student votes across the state to determine the Bluebonnet Book list for next year.
Please click here to view the students' campaign book projects.
11th Grade - Short Animated Film
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"A Cheesy Slice of Love" is an original short stop motion film created by Juniors Lauren Parker, Evelyne Ramirez, Robert J. Ray, Sierra Reese and Gisel Veliz.  The students created props to tell a story, and then captured over 1,000 pictures that they edited into a series in order to create the illusion of movement.   The film was submitted to the UIL Young Filmaker's Festival, in which there were over 700 entries.  The students competed in Division II, which included 5A/6A schools from all over the state.  The film advanced through three preliminary rounds, becoming a state semifinalist as one of the top 12 in its category.  It was edged out in the finals by less than a point.  Films were ranked by three judges, and one judge awarded the film first place.  "A Cheesy Slice of Love" is a Chaplin-esque film about love, pepperonis, a mushroom, and an alien.  I promise you will never view pizza the same way again!

11th Grade - Literature Circles
Literature Circle Poster
This assignment was a literature circle response in which the students looked for specific author's craft in text.
11th Grade - Perspectives and Point of View
metaphor poem
During the first six weeks, 11th grade students focused on perspectives and points of view.  This poem, entitled "metaphor", was written by Lauren Parker and Sierra Reese.
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