Matthew Bryant


1st Period - Athletics

2nd Period - Pre-AP World Geography

3rd Period - World Geography

4th Period - Pre-AP World Geography

5th Period - Pre-AP World Geography

6th Period - World Geography

7th Period - Conference 

8th Period - Athletics

Matthew Bryant

Subject: World Geography/ World Geography Pre-AP

Grades: 9

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 903-295-5031

About Me

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Welcome to my page.  I was raised in Gilmer, Texas and married my high school sweet heart, Amanda Bryant in 2010.   We have two kids, Elizabeth and Turner.  I've previously worked at Brownsboro High School and Commerce High School. I am in my third year at Pine Tree High School. In addition to teaching World Geography, I coach the offensive line and throwers for track and field. I look forward to continuing to work in such a great community.