Donna Fitzgerald

Donna Fitzgerald

Daily Schedule

8:20 – 12:50 Learning Lab
12:50-1:25 Lunch
1:25 – 3:50 Learning Lab

Welcome Back to School 2021-2022

The PTHS Learning Lab is a class for students taking online courses. Most students are enrolled in high school courses through the Edgenuity software. The Learning Lab also offers a place for students taking online Dual Credit classes offered through their selected colleges.

Learning Lab Policies

In the Learning Lab, students are expected to work on the assigned course during class time. Credit for the course is acquired when the student finishes the course(s). 


Students must remember that courses taken in the Learning Lab through Edgenuity are calculated each eligibility grading period for UIL eligibility purposes.
To remain eligible, students will need to complete 1.25% per day and maintain a passing grade.


Students will work the assign course on the computers available to the students. No personal electronics are allowed in the Learning Lab including personal laptops and Chromebooks. 

Only headphones/earbuds for instructional use are allowed and must be connected to the student's computer. 

Supply List

Required: Headphones or earbuds with 3.5mm connection. Bluetooth and lightning connections are not compatible with the computers. 


SuggestedSpiral notebook or journal, Pen or pencil. 
While working on the program, students are encouraged to take notes in a spiral notebook or journal. These notes may be used during the test sessions.

Parent/Guardians may request weekly updates by email of their student's Edgenuity progress.
Click on the link below to request access. You will receive an email confirmation when it has been set up.

Click Here to Request Weekly Edgenuity Reports for Parent/Guardian 



Edgenuity Student Log-in Information:

Web address:

Username and password will be provided by the Learning Lab Instructor