Walters’ United States History Classroom Requirements

Pine Tree High School

2021- 2022

Welcome to my classroom!

Classroom etiquette:         Respect Yourself

                                                Respect Others

                                                Respect Property

                                                Work Hard

                                                Be Responsible

                                                Be Polite

Class Work Ethic: Having a good work ethic (working hard) means getting your work done correctly and getting it done on time.

Class Rules:                          

1. Pine Tree Student Handbook policies, dress code, and discipline will be enforced.

2. Use of electronic devices (phones, smart watches, iPads) will not be allowed

3. Restroom breaks will be only in an emergency or absolutely necessary. Your phone will be surrendered to me before going to the restroom and returned to you at the end of class.

4. Be prepared! Come to class each day with the following: Composition notebook, blue or black pen, pencil, paper, and completed assignments.

5. Listen carefully when lessons are presented and instructions are given; follow directions; work quietly and do not disturb others; use good manners; be positive.

6. Complete your own work.

7. Habitually sleeping in class will result in a Discipline Referral.

8. No eating or drinking in class. (Exception water) Finish your breakfast or lunch before coming into class.

9. Absolutely No Foul Language

U.S. History Supply List



Notebook paper—wide ruled preferred

Blue or black pens

No. 2 pencils

Map colors (Twelve Pack colored pencils)

Spiral Notebook or Folder with brads (used to keep class notes)


Walters' Class Schedule 2021 - 2022

First Period - United States History

Second Period - United States History

Third Period - United States History

Fourth Period - United States History

Fifth Period - United States History (B Lunch)

Sixth Period - United States History

Seventh Period -Conference Period

Eighth Period - United States History