Angel Cubine

1st/2nd Period 8:20-10:00:                  Pharmacy Technician Program

                                                             LRMC/LETU Dual Credit Practicum

3rd Period 10:05-10:55:                       Health Science Theory

3rd Period 10:05-10:55:                       LETU - Dual Credit Medical Terminology

4th Period 11:00-11:50:                       Conference Period

5th/6th Period 11:55-2:10:                  CCMA Practicum

7th/8th Period 2:15-3:50:                     LRMC/LETU Dual Credit Practicum 


Angel Cubine, B.S.N., R.N.

Health Science Instructor

Career and Technology Department

Pine Tree High School "Teacher of The Year 2019-2020"

Pine Tree Independent School District "Secondary Teacher of The Year 2019-2020"

[email protected]

(903) 295 -5031

(903) 738-5777